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Executive Leadership Development

We help successful CEOs and Executives become even more successful through participation in a Peer Advisory Board, and through Executive Leadership coaching.

CEO Peer Advisory Board

Are you ‘lonely at the top’ as a CEO or senior business executive? I lead a peer advisory board where members get to a deeper level of trust, have very candid discussion and get advice about real challenges they’re facing. As a result members get to where they want to go faster, while feeling like they’re not alone, that they have a ‘band of brothers’ supporting them.

Running a business is like being in a hurricane. Everything is flying by you at 130 mph. You never have enough time to stop and reflect about what you want to do next with your business.

Our peer advisory board is like the eye of the hurricane. It allows executives to take time out of their busy day to work ‘on’ their business instead of working ‘in’ their business.

To whom are you accountable? Business owners are typically not accountable to anybody. When our members tell the group the things they’re going to get done in the next 30-90 days they really feel they’re accountable to the group to get those things done. And as their executive coach, I work with them to ensure they make progress on their goals.

Bottom line is you get to where you want to go faster.

Examples: two of our members with combined revenues of over $450 million have doubled their revenues in the past five years; and other members have grown over 20% annually in a very tough economy.

Two of our members have won Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies award a combined nine times, and one member has won PBN’s Best Places to Work award twice as well as PBN’s top Business Excellence Award for Leadership. Three of our members have won PBN’s Fastest Growing Companies.

How good would it feel to be able to have candid discussions with these CEOs and get focused advice on your toughest struggle or roadblock?

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Executive Leadership Coaching

As a CEO or senior executive you are successful by definition. Yet often CEOs hit a ceiling, where the skills and drive that got them to where they are no longer work. CEOs also have few if any people in their lives that will tell them the truth about how they come across as leaders. Together these limit a CEO's ability to become even more successful than they already are.

Also, to whom are you accountable? Business owners have few if any people to whom they are accountable.

Through monthly one-on-one coaching sessions we help CEOs and senior executives recognize their blind spots. Executive coaching typically includes leadership assessments and survey responses from people in a CEO's life. We also work with CEOs to help them clarify their long term vision for their lives. We then identify strategies, help them stay focused on their goals, and hold them accountable to make progress.

The result is the CEO is able to get to where they want to go as a leader faster, and have more satisfaction in their life.