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Customer Feedback


CEO Peer Advisory Board Chair

"Scott has helped me grow my leadership skills exponentially. Whether in a group or one-in-one Scott’s demeanor has the ability to draw out the best in myself or the group. I would highly recommend Scott and the board to anyone who would like to grow in their professional and personal life."


Michael Black
National Marker Company
April 2011

Michael has been a member of Scott's CEO Peer Advisory Board since 2010.


“Most people start a business because they are good and passionate at one thing. The one thing could be a product that they developed and wanted to sell or because they wanted to provide a service. In my instance, I wanted to sell my design services. As a designer, I am proficient at understanding a client’s needs and translating their desire into a solution through design. Great, I started a business and I was off and running. What I lacked when I took this giant leap was business experience.  Most of us in this situation think we can wing it and some do very well but there comes a time when you reach a wall that you can’t hurdle over or run around. I did. This was the time I realized I needed help and guidance for my business.

I joined Vistage three years ago and Scott Thurber became my Vistage Chair. We meet monthly for a 1 to 1 two-hour session. This is my time to discuss what’s going on the business. Scott is skilled at listening. He carefully probes through thoughtful questions to get at the heart of any issue I may be having in my business. His job is not to advise but to unveil the issue in a way that enables me to understand the possible solutions and then pick one that I will act upon. Through his careful guidance, I have been able to more effectively run my business and experience 18-20% growth during the past two years in a down economy.”


Ron Lamb
Graphic Solutions for Business, Inc.
January 2011

Ron has been a member of the Vistage CEO Peer Advisory Board chaired by Scott since August 2007, during which time GSB has grown over 45%.


"I have worked with Scott for over three years, and he has really helped our company navigate the challenging business climate.  He has the unique ability to listen, understand, and get to the heart of an issue or strategy. Scott's experience extends across all aspects of a company. He has a great business sense along with the ethics, character, and drive to help a CEO develop goals and plans for success. I have worked with Scott in a group setting and one on one. In both settings he has the ability to guide the conversation towards a successful strategy or resolve an issue. He also works hard to insure accountability and follow-up on company and individual goals. I would highly recommend Scott as a business consultant and friend."


Tom Kellogg
parsonsKellogg LLC
December 2010

Tom has been a member of the Vistage CEO Peer Advisory Board chaired by Scott since August 2007


Strategic Marketing & Business Development

“ McGraw-Hill Education’s Strategy and Analytics Group needed help with pricing analysis, process mapping and pricing strategy. We engaged Scott to develop models, evaluate processes and recommend improvements. He delivered exactly what we requested and we are very pleased with the results.

Scott delivered even more than our initial ask. He made some insightful observations and recommendations about MHE’s market positioning and value proposition. This stimulated internal discussions that has positively impacted our business.

Scott offers broad strategic marketing expertise combined with substantial experience in the marketplace. He is responsive, easy to work with and cost-effective. We would not hesitate to engage Scott again.”


David Myers
VP, Strategy & Analytics, School Group
McGraw-Hill Education
October 2014

“Thanks to the Advantech Team for your professional support and guidance in preparation for NDIA’s IITSEC conference. Our organization’s expanded role from the 2009 to the 2010 conference proved very successful and your organization’s efforts during both conferences proved key to our endeavor. Your diligence during the coordinating, planning, and execution stages was without parallel and we look forward to more successful future partnerships.”


Juan P. Amenabar
Senior Aerospace Engineer
Technology and Advanced Systems Sector
Top 10 Fortune 500 Science and Defense Contractor
January 2011

Advantech led a major conference initiative for five US Navy organizations, for the third time.  The conference is the largest training, simulation and education conference in the world.

“A large thank you from the Monitoring Technologies team.

We really appreciate the tight timeframe – particularly at this time of year – that you worked under, and the results you achieved. We were very impressed with your diligence, thoughtful comments, professionalism and ability to get the job done.

Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.”


Peter Johnson, Managing Director
Monitoring Technologies, Auckland
New Zealand

Advantech identified and enabled a strategic partnership between Monitoring Technologies and IISI Corporation, a US prime contractor, meeting a very tight time deadline.   With Advantech’s input the team ultimately won a contract with the US Department of Defense.


"I would like to thank Advantech for your excellent market evaluation work for Sound View Systems.  Advantech was able to rapidly understand our technology and business requirements. Your work was "on-the-mark" with our needs, responsive and cost-effective.  Your market evaluation, together with your subsequent business development recommendations, helped us focus on the most attractive near-term opportunities.
Advantech’s knowledge of technology, marketing and business development has continued to be a valuable resource to Sound View Systems. We look forward to working with you in the future."


Douglas Reilly, President & CEO
Sound View Systems, Inc.

Advantech performed a comprehensive market evaluation for Sound View Systems, Inc. and provided strategic partner and market guidance.

“What a great win! Thanks, Scott, for a superlative job throughout. I hope we get to work together again.”

  Dr. Donald Brutzman
Undersea Warfare Department
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, CA

Advantech led the Naval Postgraduate School’s (along with three other Navy Commands and one industry group) participation at the 2005 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference.

“I wish to extend our appreciation to you for your excellent leadership and support in your role as Symposium Director. Your skills in encouraging creative idea generation, motivating committee members and ensuring that key milestones and deliverables were met all contributed to a very successful Symposium. The success of the Symposium was confirmed in the feedback survey by the attendees and in our achieving the Symposium’s financial goals.

I welcome the opportunity to work together again in the future.”

  Dr. Susan Kirschenbaum, Ph.D.
Co-Chair, Undersea Human Systems Integration Symposium

Advantech directed the 2006 Human Systems Integration Symposium conducted in Mystic, CT.  Over 130 Government and industry personnel participated in this three day technical symposium.